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MAR 30 Thursday

How to understand them and enjoy this relationship now and forever?

PRESENTATION 7:00 - 9:30 pm Monache, 5707 S Dixie, WPB
APR 28 Friday

How to talk to get your point across at peace with ease?

PRESENTATION 7:00 - 8:30 pm  801 N Palmway, Lake Worth
MAY 5 Friday

How to talk to get your point across at peace with ease?

COURSE 7:00 - 10:00 pm  801 N Palmway, Lake Worth
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Drop-In Practice Group

Monthly meetings 7:00 - 9:30 pm  Palm Beach County

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Stressfree conversations are a foundation for any relationship that is important to you.
Either because the person is important to you or because you depend on each other in a way.

They are led in a simple way developed by Marshall Rosenberg. He applied it successfully, from everyday situations in families and organizations to international conflicts, being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. • This universal tool enables better understanding of each other, through focusing on needs of each person. • It helps eliminate negative emotions while talking. • Finally, it leads to mutually satisfying outcomes.

You can learn this simple way of communicating.
You can get support for your particular conversations.
Enhance your relationships today.


Individual Relationship Coaching

Want to work one-on-one on enhancing your communication and relationships?

  • Learn stressfree conversation skills and put into practice in your life
  • Get support in any difficult interpersonal situation to decide how you want to proceed

Couples Coaching

Not all couples are alike. Therefore they seek coaching for different reasons.

  • Dating Couples. Someone who self-identifies as “single” but has an on-going, non-exclusive relationship. “Friends with benefits” is one common way of describing these couples. These couples see the purpose of their relationship as fun and recreational. Dating couples often seek coaching when one or both partners want to take their relationship to the next level.
  • Pre-committed Couples. Both partners have decided to stop dating others and become an exclusive couple. While co-habitation is common at this stage, no formal or explicit long-term commitments have been made. These couples often desire commitment and are testing their relationship for long-term compatibility. Pre-committed couples often seek coaching when they encounter a “deal-breaker.” A “deal-breaker” is referred to as a “requirement.” This could be preventing their ability to enter into a long-term committed relationship without sacrificing something important; such as whether or not to have children.
  • Pre-marital Couples. Both partners have decided to become committed, but haven’t yet acted to formalize their commitment (marriage, commitment ceremony, etc.). Many pre-marital couples are acutely aware of the high failure rate of committed relationships and seek coaching to acquire the skills and practices needed for long-term relationship success.
  • Committed Couples. “Commitment” can be defined as both an “attitude” (belief) and a “fact” (formal, symbolic, even legal act). While most couples might think of their relationship as “committed,” if they haven’t acted to formalize their commitment they have the attitude but not the fact of commitment. Couples who have made a formal commitment sometimes bring up divorce in response to a problem. This can be a cause of confusion, consternation and conflict. Most committed couples are married or have formalized their commitment in a ceremony of some kind. These couples often seek coaching because they desire to find a way to successfully solve problems and “live happily ever after.”

Family Coaching

Family coaching can include:

  • nuclear and extended families
  • parenting 
  • siblings
  • family businesses
  • co-housing arrangements

Business Relationship Coaching

Want to improve collaboration and work efficiency?
Productive businesses and organizations require effective relationships. Business relationship coaching can include workplace relationships such as:

  • manager to employee
  • peer to peer
  • between corporate divisions
  • between teams
  • within a team (Team Coaching)
  • customer and vendor relationships

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a professional client-focused service and the application of coaching to personal and business relationships.
Coaching is a goal-oriented methodology, assuming that the client is functional and fully capable of success.
Relationship coaching is based on concepts of needs-oriented goal setting, communication, facilitation, and problem‐solving. In the coaching process, the individual, couple or group is assumed to be healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance.

* This service is not a counseling / therapy, which is a healing profession trained and licensed to diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and psychological disorders. Coaching and therapy can complement each other, if needed.

Monika Panas

StressFree Conversation
coach, trainer, mediator

Monika works as a trainer and mediator, coaching individuals and organizations the skills to deal with stressful situations and conversations. She is an author of many articles on this topic, published in professional magazines and books in Poland. She works virtually and in person; in English and Polish. She also cooperates with other international trainers and organizes trainings in various countries.

Monika: I believe we can create a better world, that works for everyone, one conversation at a time. I am happy anytime my work contributes towards that.
How I got to be doing what I’m doing...

I engaged with Marshall Rosenberg’s communication approach at a very specific moment in my life.

I was a newly promoted manager within my own team in a corporation going through immense changes, a young parent starting to realize what it means to have a child, a spouse redefining with my partner what relationship we want to have, and a friend having some struggle with my Best Friend Forever. I had a lot of difficult moments and conversations in various areas of my life.

In all that I started to experiment with this stressfree conversation approach. I realized quickly how universal the tool is. Step by step it has changed not only the way I communicate and resolve conflicts in any area of my life, but also the way how I lead, work, parent, build relationships.

The tool worked in my career on various teams I led, management groups and boards I was a part of. It was improving significantly collaboration and team efficiency.
Encouraged, I was educating myself further on intensive courses with world-renowned trainers, deepening my stressfree communication and mediation skills, and gathering experience in an international environment.

I started to share it first as an internal trainer, coach and mentor at work. Then as a freelance coach in various, both business and non-profit, teams and organizations. Since the clients were asking for stressfree conversation support also in their private issues, it happened naturally that I started to coach individuals for their everyday life conversations. Further referrals also brought divorce couples who wanted a peaceful and respectful mediation.

  • I attained over 12 years of my own practice – in family - with kids, husband and relatives; at work – with coworkers and bosses, also on teams, projects, management groups and boards I led or was a part of in my career
  • 8 years of professional consulting and educating others in life, at work, on teams
  • 4 years of professional mediating among people in conflict


  • Client Logo
    Certified Coach
    International Coach Federation
  • Client Logo
    Professional Business & Life Coach
    ICF accredited program
  • Client Logo
    Team and Group Coach
    ICF accredited program
  • Client Logo
    Certified Family Mediator
    Supreme Court of Florida
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    CNVC certified trainers
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    Licensed Educator (BA)
    Warsaw University
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    Economics & Management (MA)
    Warsaw School of Economics
  • Client Logo
    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Practitioner
    UMASS accredited program
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    Certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner
    EATA accredited program

What the clients say?

  • She facilitated the meeting in such a way that we quickly developed a tight bond, focused around trust, understanding and confidence.

  • Monika challenged me and enabled me to develop alternative approaches and thinking, which I still use to this day - both at work and at home!

  • I never felt I was being told what to do, it was always a decision of mine to make but Monika explored alternatives through my own ideas, meaning I owned my future.

  • Monika’s experience, her ease to connect with another person and her interpersonal skills made the reservations go away very quickly and allowed me to open up.

  • Monika’s professional manner of leading the conversations, allowed me to look at my reality from a different perspective and find myself in it.

  • Her professional and full of understanding approach to people makes working with her extremely effective and pleasant.

  • The meetings opened my eyes to everything which was beyond my consciousness. It allowed me to look at people in a different way, their actions and behaviors and accept myself in such situations.

  • It gave me more confidence, as well as the tools, which I can use to find answers on my own.

  • What I like in Monika the most, is the fact she doesn’t give up when facing resistance from the client’s side.

  • She pours her heart into the work, she strives to get to know and understand the other person, to help them find the best path.

  • The one-on-one sessions were amazing and really helped me to improve on both a professional and personal level.

  • Monika has special skills to find the best "voice" with the person she is speaking to. Therefore she is trustworthy and authentic both from personal and professional point of view.

  • You are a person who possesses both substantial theoretical and practical knowledge. The fact you are a person of high ethics, morality and you are also trustworthy, is crucial to me.

  • Immediate associations with you as a coach are: knowledge, practice and modesty.

  • My opinion: Your own experience is your best advert. Our meetings were practical and additional materials you supplied completed the full process.

  • As a coach and mediator I believe you are real and you practice what you preach.

  • I like the fact you are flexible and you adapt yourself to the participants’ needs during the meetings.

  • I would like to thank you one more time for an opportunity to see how a sensitive and full of empathy human being can cope with conflict resolution and discussing it in a difficult environment. For me it was a tough experience but you handled it superbly. Your attitude gives me courage to action.

  • The training gave me an understanding and acceptance about other people and myself.

  • A unique opportunity of getting insight into myself, reflecting over own feelings and needs, building self-awareness and thus — understanding the others better.

  • …a great opportunity to learn and develop, an eye-opener for many things...

  • A big learning, lots of self-reflection, very intense session but loved.

  • ...a great pleasure. It gave me possibility to know myself better and human behavior in general which is essential thing for my work.

  • The workshops turned out to be a special experience of multi-dimensional value which I use nowadays in my work and personal relationships.

  • Because of Monika’s personality and skills, the workshops became a strong incentive to change.

  • Monika’s knowledge, experience and professionalism seen in her preparation and approach were impressive.

  • Openness and flexibility in working with a group allow her to respond to participants’ needs, as well as to shape the workflow to optimize their benefits.

  • Training modules run by Monika Panas are characterized by high quality of content. Although, without her interpersonal skills, they would not be so effective.

  • Monika showed her skills by creating an amazing atmosphere and successfully connecting to the participants.

  • As a coach she has an excellent contact with the group, which results in better group cooperation.

  • The way the workshops were run makes them a pleasant way to spend time, while acquiring knowledge.

  • It was a great pleasure to participate in these workshops on account of the coach’s knowledge and the workshops’ form.

  • Interesting methods of running the workshops and individual approach to the participants make the workshops with Monika a wonderful experience.

  • It was two days of amazing experiences and hard work. Topics ceased to be just a theory. They became very real actions, connected to our particular issues.

  • I left the workshop full of zest and willingness to immediately implement all that I had learnt.

  • Thank you Monika — your workshop was one of the most valuable workshops I have ever attended.

  • Informative, to the point and with many real life examples.

Upcoming events

MAR 30 Thursday

How to understand them and enjoy this relationship now and forever?

PRESENTATION for parents, grandparents, young adults

Interesting information on latest research about the 12-25 years old and what you can do about it
Entry: $20 incl. a glass of wine (or coffee/tea) and delicious homemade cake

7:00 - 9:30 pm Monache, 5707 S Dixie, WPB RSVP: 224 436 1962 More info
APR 28 Friday

How to talk to get your point across at peace with ease?

PRESENTATION for everyone who in difficult situations in life or at work wants:

to be heard and understood, to lead and end conversations with mutual satisfaction instead of frustration
Introduction that explains the stressfree conversation approach and gives information about upcoming courses
FREE entry

7:00 - 8:30 pm  801 N Palmway, Lake Worth More info
MAY 5 Friday

How to talk to get your point across at peace with ease?

COURSE for everyone who in difficult situations in life or at work wants:

to be heard and understood, to lead and end conversations with mutual satisfaction instead of frustration
SPECIAL Course Fee: $75 (regular $159) Tuition includes: 9 hours of workshops (3 meetings: May 5, 12, 19) and a course manual.

7:00 - 10:00 pm  801 N Palmway, Lake Worth
To register call: 561 570 9164 (a group up to 12 participants) More info

Drop-In Practice Group

Monthly meetings for people who know or want to know basics of StressFree Conversation approach

The group is open to anyone who wishes to learn or deepen their capacity to use this approach in their lives.
Fee: $20

  • Enter your name:
7:00 - 9:30 pm  Palm Beach County More info

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